La Maison du Potier

806, chemin Principal, Grosse-Île (Old Harry)

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La Maison du Potier has a large diversity of versatile pottery for the home and kitchen. Explore our one off items like vases, butter dishes, salt dishes, and planters that will add a touch of the colours and landscapes of the Magdalen Islands to your décor.

Everyday objects and utilities

Our inventory is vast and each piece is unique. Contact us directly to inquire about similar products and our items in stock..

Island Brown Vase
Island Brown Vase Sold Out
Soap Pump
Soap Pump Sold Out
Small Island White Butter Dish
Small Island White Butter Dish $41.00 CAD
Medium Ocean Blue Pitcher
Medium Ocean Blue Pitcher $49.00 CAD
Island White Vase
Island White Vase Sold Out
Knitting Bowl
Knitting Bowl $68.00 CAD
Island White Breakfast Set
Island White Breakfast Set Sold Out
Island Brown Oil Dispenser
Island Brown Oil Dispenser Sold Out
Maple Syrup Jug
Maple Syrup Jug $49.00 CAD
Island White Sugar Dish
Island White Sugar Dish $45.00 CAD
Ocean and Cliff Salt Box
Ocean and Cliff Salt Box Sold Out
Island White Planter
Island White Planter $65.00 CAD