La Maison du Potier

806, chemin Principal, Grosse-Île (Old Harry)

La Maison du Potier is a pottery workshop/Économusée located in the Magdalen Islands, an archipelago belonging to Quebec and situated in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. These Islands are well known for their beautiful beaches, red sandstone cliffs and their resourceful and creative inhabitants.

The Love of the Craft

La Maison du Potier is a small business with an experienced team who have a passion for pottery. Come meet them in their workshop and take the time to watch them work and talk about their craft. Observe their skillful hands turn clay into beautiful, practical pieces that are hand painted and decorated with the Magdalen Islands as an inspiration. The team will greet you with enthusiasm and familiarity of family and it is with pleasure that they will share their love of the craft. 

1979 : Géraldine Cyr finishes her professional potter’s course from Montreal’s École Bon-Secours in 1979. She then works for Les Ateliers du Manoir for four years, a collective enterprise operated by young   creative artists from the Magdalen Islands, that included fifteen potters.

During the 1980 :  Géraldine sets up her workshop in the basement of her home. 

1990 Géraldine Cyr builds her workshop/boutique attached to her home. It is then that La Maison du Potier is born and that the potter Bernard Langford joins the team.

2004 :  Nancy Cyr joins the team of La Maison du Potier as the pottery painter. 

2014 :  The workshop/boutique expands and moves to its current location. La Maison du Potier becomes a pottery économusée.

Géraldine Cyr, The Creative and Practical Potter

With a scenery of cliffs and the sea, Géraldine has much to be inspired by. For more than 40 years, Géraldine Cyr has been using the landscapes and colours of the Magdalen Islands to influence her vast collection of pottery. Trimming, embellishing, engraving, glazing, and firing the kiln are all part of Géraldine’s extensive know-how. Also, one must not forget the time she must devote to her management of the business.

Bernard Langford, The Indispensable and Talented Potter

After training as a potter in Montreal, a stage in France and being a potter at Saint-Jean-Port-Joli and in Montreal, Bernard Langford returned to the Magdalen Islands where he brought his talent to the service of La Maison du Potier. As a potter with more than 40 years of experience, Bernard can throw a piece in any form desired and has mastered his craft to perfection. With a particular expertise in throwing large pieces, Bernard creates for La Maison du Potier large casserole dishes, tajines, canister sets and other large items that are today hard to come by in pottery shops.

Nancy Cyr, The Patient and Meticulous Painter

It took time and patience for Nancy Cyr to create paintings on pottery that she was contented with. As someone who began with painting on wood, she had to adapt her methods to be able to paint on a medium as fragile and delicate as pottery. Both learning to apply the right amount of paint on curved surfaces and adding fine, black contour lines are skills that come with a fair amount of challenges. Nancy has mastered these skills with an excellence that she loves to share with the public.