La Maison du Potier

806, chemin Principal, Grosse-Île (Old Harry)

Please note that the pieces included in this catalogue of collections is only a portion of our inventory. Often an item that is photographed in a collection is also available in a second collection. For example, an oil bottle that is photographed in the mer et falaise collection is also available in the other collections, even though the pictures are not included in the catalogue. To inquire if items are available, please contact us directly.

The ocean and cliff collection of our pottery is inspired by the striking red cliffs that meet the blue of the ocean on the Magdalen Islands. These pieces are thrown with a rich, brown clay and are glazed with a deep blue pigment. By using a brush to apply wax in bands on the piece, the clay is exposed to create the contrasting colours of the red and blue of the cliffs and ocean of the Magdalen Islands.

This collection of blues uses the carving technique to add to pieces images that represent the Magdalen Islands. By carving directly in partly dried pottery before the first firing, we are able to create a design that stands out after glazing and the final firing. In this collection you will find fish, seagulls, flowers and beach grass carved directly in the pottery under a glossy blue finish.

By using white porcelain clay, this collection allows our painter to add hand painted motifs on a bisque fired piece of pottery. The bright colours used to depict the traditional houses, clothes lines and fishing boats of the Magdalen Islands particularly stand out on the white porcelain piece. Once the pottery has been decorated, a clear coat of glaze is applied before the final firing in order to keep the white in the finished product.

This collection uses brown clay as a base to the hand painted colours that depict the traditional houses, clothes lines and fishing boats of the Magdalen Islands. The colour of the clay augments the Island theme as the colour of the pottery is often associated with the cliffs and sand found in the landscape. This collection often has an additional decoration of colour bands in whites, greens, and yellows that are applied by holding a brush with pigment to the piece while it turns on the pottery wheel.