La Maison du Potier

806, chemin Principal, Grosse-Île (Old Harry)

Artisans à l'oeuvre

La Maison du Potier is a member of the réseau ÉCONOMUSÉE® since 2014. So what is an économusée ?

An ÉCONOMUSÉE® showcases artisans and their trade. The concept allows artisans to open their workshops to the public so they can share their knowledge and passion and sell products made on the premises. 

Meeting the team at La Maison du Potier is a pleasure that awaits you. Even more than being able to exchange with the artisans, you can observe them in their work as they share with you their skills. This personal visit will give you a glimpse into the amount of work required to finish each pottery piece.

Visits are self guided and free!

 A Magdalen Island Network

Québec has 46 entreprises in the domain of crafts or food production who are members of the réseau ÉCONOMUSÉE®. In the Magdalen Islands you can find three other économusées: le Fumoir d’Antan, la Fromagerie du Pied-de-Vent and l’ESPACE CULINAIRE Grandma’s Bakery.



Pottery painting

This workshop will introduce you to painting on pottery. You will bring back a unique and personalized souvenir of your stay in the Islands!

Practical information :

You choose a piece in the value category of 45$. If you choose a more expensive item, you must pay the difference in value.

It is recommended that you book at the beginning of your vacation. It can take three to four days after you paint in order for your piece to be fired and ready.

Your items can be shipped at your expense.

Maximum of 8 people per session

Duration: There is no time limit. Take the time you need to finish your piece.

Age Group: Open to all ages

Workshop visit